A selection of pages from "Science Fair Shenanigans", found in BOOM! Studios' Amazing World of Gumball 2018 Grab Bag. A short about Gumball and Darwin's dream science fair project gone wrong. 
"City Lights", found in Bygone Works' first published anthology, What We Left Behind. An autobiographical comic reflecting on the importance of night time to me. 
A couple of test pages (layouts, pencils, and inks) for a BOOM! Studios' Over the Garden Wall special. 
(all zines are available in my online store, linked above)
Your Home, My World, a yellow and black risograph Banana Fish fanzine following Ash and Eiji in a road trip across the country in a series of "photographs". 
Doors Open at Eight, a blue risograph band AU zine about the budding relationship between Landon and Oliver, inspired by shounen-ai manga. 
Memorabilia, a teal and pink risograph zine containing two comics about the stories behind the items Landon carries.
A Modest Upbringing, a risograph zine about the childhood memories of a boy named Landon.
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